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Enrollment Requirements

Although ATi encourages kids of all ages to take up tennis and turn it into a lifelong sport, this is not a beginner-level academy. Many ATi athletes compete in local, regional and national tournaments, as well as middle/high school teams, then go on to play in college.

Athletes are subdivided into groups based on ability and then promoted according to individual progress. Please contact us with any questions or to schedule a tryout.

Academy Policies

Yearly Academy Fee  
Academy students are required to have a current academy membership, payable after or before a two session trial. This fee is $150 per year.  Memberships are effective from August to July.

New Students
New students must complete a 30-minute evaluation with an ATi professional to determine readiness and placement. The cost of the evaluation is $45. Players ranked top 50 in GA in their respective age groups may exempt this evaluation.

ATi has three basic drill levels. Students will be evaluated and assigned accordingly.

Elite High Performance - Students in this group are required to drill a minimum of three days a week, with conditioning considered one of the days.  This level is for experienced players who have accomplished, or are on track to develop the skills to compete at a college level.  

High Performance - This group made up of younger or less experienced players, on track to match the Elite High Performance criteria. 

Junior Development - These are students who have the skills to compete at middle or high school level and can rally consistently, but need to develop more fundamental skills.

ATi provides a tremendous amount of make-up days since students are allow to attend on any drill day. Accordingly, we do not allow for carry over drills from one session to the next, or provide additional make-up drills. 

Exception - Anyone suffering from a prolonged injury or illness will be granted an extension of time to have a reasonable opportunity to attend the number of purchased drills.

ATi requires coaching services at the state qualifier held in Macon in June every year.  ATi does not allow training at other local tennis academies while training at ATi.  However, we will consider hardships such as logistics (about one hour or more travel time).  Private lesson coaching is allowed from local coaches based on need and should be approved by ATi.  ATi reserves the right to make exceptions based on each individual case.   


Drill selection should be made prior to the beginning of each session and fees are due no later than the first week. We provide a discount for additional family member of 20 percent off drills when paid in advance. You may add additional drills if you go over your allotment, but only for those who purchase packages of 20 or more drills and those rates are figured at a la carte pricing. Exception - During the Spring and Summer sessions only you may do all drills with a la carte pricing due to school matches, vacations, camps, tournaments, etc.