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Individual Attention Pays Off


Private Lesson Selection and Scheduling

Players looking to truly develop their game are encouraged to take private lessons with an ATi coach. One-on-one attention is the best method to hone technique and address individual needs. These principles can then be applied and practiced during competitive academy drills.

To determine which coach is right for you, check out ATi coach bios, which include background information, coaching philosophies and contact information. Privates are scheduled and paid directly with and to the ATi professional, except during drill hours when they are paid to ATi. To schedule a lesson either fill out the form below, or contact the coach directly.

Coach Name - Hourly Rate - Contact

Danny Carlson - (call for pricing). - or 404-234-9058

Austin Roebuck - $75 - or 706-255-4995

Harrison Kansol - $60 - or 770-359-9785

Delaney Wilggins - $45. or 404-536-5047


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