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ATi athletes have gone on to play tennis at top universities, including:

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Having two kids go through ATi has been one of the best decisions we have ever made.
Our daughter Abi is now playing tennis for West Point. We also have a son, Justin who continues to grow and develop under their coaching. With their guidance, he has developed into one of the top players in the South. Thank you ATi!
— Juliet Waldman

Both my kids have been training at ATi for almost 8 years. My kids have tried other academies in the metro Atlanta area and occasionally train with their doubles partners at their respective academies. Still, ATi with its excellent staff is where they always return. It is where they call home.

Every tennis academy has a professional who has been successful somewhere in the game of tennis. The question is always ‘Can they teach the love of the game and can they develop the individual player’s ability based on his own talent and skill level?’ ATi has taken both my children from ages 7 and 9 with their unique talents and made them “winners” with and without a trophy.

I have played tennis most of my life, and I know that other tennis academies do not offer other what ATi offers its students. ATi is not a tennis factory, where balls are quickly fed to a player on an over-crowded court trying to maximize their allotted one hour of time. ATi’s coach to player ratio is perfect for individualized coaching and can only be done when teaching is the emphasis and not enrollment.

While some academies like to showcase their highest ranked players to attract other players, in the end, those less talented players will not get the same attention. At ATi, each player whether a ranked, tournament competitor or developing, recreational player is given the same level of attention. Their coaching is designed towards improving the individual. A coach is assigned to that player’s development based upon the player’s talent and the level of skill.

The heart of ATi’s success lies with Danny Carlson and his coaching staff. They are second to none. The coaching staff’s impressive, tennis biographies tell only a part of their story. If one spends time watching and listening to their coaching and instructions, their love for the game is quickly apparent and so is their joy for teaching their students. I know my kids were taught excellent, technical strokes, but they also continue to learn the mental aspects of the game that apply “on and off” the court.

The ATi facility feels likes a “home court stadium” where wooden boards naming past and present players proudly display high on the fences around the courts while outside the courts on fences are metal signs with written inspirational quotes from motivational leaders.

Lastly, ATi is an academy that is open to everyone. For years, my kids have invited other academy players or non-academy players to come and train together at ATi before their tournament competition. Parents who have their kids in other tennis academies have consistently entrusted ATi in their tournament travels for weekend tournaments to states like Tennessee or Alabama, and for week long tournaments such Southerns in Arkansas. Past students, who return from college, come back to train and teach during the summer months before returning to compete for their colleges.

Whether my children decide to play college tennis or devote themselves only to academics, the discipline and life lessons imparted to them by ATi is far more valuable in preparing them for life than simply hitting a yellow, felt ball. Isabelle and Joseph are on the way to becoming fierce competitors, fair sportsmen, dedicated students, and contributing citizens due in large part to our ATi family.
— Erman Tanjuatco